Welcome to Vressel

Welcome to Vressel
a small village in the south part of Sweden.

My name is Sven and I am found of photography nowadays.
This is a collection of my pictures from the life and the landscape around.

On a map of Sweden you will find Vressel about 30 kilometers from
the south coast close to the Lake Vomb (Vombsjon) at 55°40'N 13°38'E.

The album

On the swedish pages you can take a look at Vressel, the village at
the river, or take a walk in the surroundings. Why not visit Bjorka,
a typical old swedish village, close to Vressel. Maybe you want to
take a bath in the lake or just enjoy the life around the village.

There are also some pictures from:
Our nature, wildlife and landscape.
Skane, the south part of Sweden.

I am sorry, but all texts on these pages are still in Swedish.

A recent picture
A recent picture.