Welcome to Vressel

Welcome to Vressel
a small village in the south part of Sweden.

My name is Sven and I am found of photography nowadays.
This is a collection of my pictures from the life and the landscape around.

On a map of Sweden you will find Vressel about 30 kilometers from
the south coast close to the Lake Vomb (Vombsjon) at 5540'N 1338'E.

The album

On the swedish pages you can take a look at Vressel, the village at
the river, or take a walk in the surroundings. Why not visit Bjorka,
a typical old swedish village, close to Vressel. Maybe you want to
take a bath in the lake or just enjoy the life around the village.

There are also some pictures from:
Our nature, wildlife and landscape.
Skane, the south part of Sweden.

A recent picture

A recent picture.